4 Styles For Your Crewneck Sweater

Crewneck Sweater Fashion Style

Crewneck Sweaters are a staple item for your fall fashion. Every year when fall season comes around, you break out your most fashionable sweaters. Unless you live in a hot sunny place like California, then you are still wearing a swimsuit.

But how do you style this sweater to keep your fashionable edge? Good news for you, crewneck sweaters are very versatile. There is almost no wrong way to wear a crewneck sweater.

Here are four ways to style your crewneck to look casual, professional, and comfortable.

1. For your casual look: wear a plain sweater or a sweater with a simple design. Pair it with your favorite jeans and comfy runners. This style is ideal for running errands, going for coffee, or just being that stylish mom at your kids' school.

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2. For a more semi-professional look: wear a simple sweater with a blazer or stylish jacket over top, jeans, and flats. You can make this look more professional by wearing ankle boots and adding dress pants. This style ideal for working from home or working in an office.

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3. For the winter look: wear your favorite crewneck with a long coat, a beanie, jeans, and ankle to knee-high boots. This style is ideal for winter date nights or a night on the town.

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4. One of my favorite looks is comfortable walking or running clothes. For this look: wear your favorite sweater with leggings, comfortable running shoes, and a light to medium jacket. Don't want to get to overheat while you are out for a run or walk in the cold. This look is ideal for exercise outside.

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Have a style I didn't mention? Share it in the comments below

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