5 T-Shirt Designs That Are In Style for 2021

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Our 2021 t-shirt design trends are here! We’ve studied all of our favorite designs from the past year to help you get ahead on the newest trends.

Explore 5 t-shirt designs for 2021 below and see how you can get the look for your next t-shirt collection

1. Mountains

Mountains can be symbolic of challenges, setting goals and achieving them, or simply being outside in nature. The beauty of mountains and the many ways they can be designed makes them a popular choice for graphic shirts.

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2. Scripted Tees

A simple yet elegant line of script, graphic tees have gone minimalist. There is a good reason why clothing brands like PALS have a t-shirt design with typography.

The comical message on your t-shirt is something that you can relate to, and make the clothing piece even more personalized. Throw one on with a skirt or jeans to add a subtle touch of personality to your outfit.

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3. Animal Prints

Animal portraits on t-shirts are not something new, but this style is constantly evolving, and it is quite a trend. If you are an animal lover, or you want a cool t-shirt, you should wear a custom photo of your favorite pet or a design of your favorite animal.

You can also choose a t-shirt to promote your animal causes. Some people go even further by wearing celebrity pet portraits, which look very cool.


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4. Bold Nature Design

The beauty of Mother Nature will be another major theme that will dominate the world of t-shirt designs in 2021. It is hard not to love a beautiful nature print.

From big floral designs to natural textures, this year has brought earthly prints that are refreshing and interesting to see. T-shirts with animal-inspired prints will also be right on style! The best part of this trend is that it’s multi-seasonal.

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5. Inspirational Tees

Tee-Shirts are a great way to share an inspirational message. They make it easy to show what inspires you to be you. Whether you express yourself through artistic design or motivational words, inspirational tees will never go out of style

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What styles are you hoping to see in 2021? 

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