Our Story

PALS Apparel Founders on a Hiking Trip

Two of our main passions in life are food and the great outdoors. Together we have over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, from opening restaurants to designing menus and dishes. With every chance we get, you can always find us outside hiking, exploring the mountains, or somewhere we have never been before.

Our adventures have always lead us to meet new people, which made our time outdoors even better. So in 2020, we set out to create a brand built around the community and life's little adventures.

We were thinking of names for a long time, and then it hit us! Take our initials and add an S. Now, you have something everyone can relate to, PALS! 

Which created our slogan "Adventures are better with PALS."

PALS isn't just the people you know; it is also the strangers you meet along the way.

All of our clothing is designed in Langley and printed locally in Victoria using a durable printing method. Everything is tested for comfort & durability by ourselves. 

As part of our plan to give back, we partner with local artists to create some of our designs. If you are a small business, local artist, or graphic designer, please contact us to collaborate, stock our products, or say hello: hello@palsapparel.ca

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- Perry and Alicia