How Our Clothes Are Made

We want you to feel good about wearing our clothes and using our products, not just because our products offer you a way to show your love for adventure, but also because of how they get made.

Here’s everything you need to know about how our clothes and products.

Made To Order

We are an online store that ships our products within North America. At first glance, that may seem to undermine our commitment to operating in an environmentally-friendly manner.

But consider this:

Traditional brick and mortar stores generally require goods to be shipped to them from long distances, they may regularly throw out products they don’t sell, and their customers drive to their locations to shop.

Unlike most clothing brands, we print our clothes on demand. When we have extras, which occasionally happens, we donate them to people in need.


It’s our priority that everyone who works for us does so in a safe environment where they are ethically-treated. We ensure this by printing our clothing in Canada at socially and environmentally responsible companies.


Our accessories get made by apparel manufacturers with corporate, social, and environmental responsibility programs.

That includes commitments to:

  • sweatshop-free manufacturing
  • competitive wages
  • employee health benefits
  • community investment
  • sustainable practices


We’ve carefully chosen to work with suppliers based in Canada who operate ethically, sustainably, use organic, and eco-friendly materials in their manufacturing processes.

We currently work with Authentic T-Shirt Company, which is a Canadian based company.